Managing credit and loan solutions should be simple and efficient for you and your clients. Following up on payments and collections can be time-consuming and this is where DebiCheck and Delter come in to make this process simple and efficient. Our solutions integrate and operate smoothly for your convenience, whether you run your microlending business locally from an office or manage all of your lending centrally via the internet. With Delter you can manage all your lending from one versatile platform, our solutions include:

Delfin: This credit management solution is fully customizable to your business needs. You can manage loan documents and contracts, perform credit checks, make card pay-outs, use integrated authenticated collections as well as  receive credit bureau account updates.

Webfin: This creditors management solution is a browser-based online solution. The integration with Webfin requires no physical installation and the simple setup allows you to customize the solution to your specific business needs. Webfin enables you to approve loans, manage your customer base and access reporting from anywhere.

Webloans: This online loan application portal integrates with Webfin and allows your customers to apply for loans from anywhere. The applications are then managed through Webfin.

Wondering how DebiCheck fits into this solution? Whereas Delter enables you to provide a loan or credit solution, DebiCheck assists you in collecting payments and debts owed to your business. You can set up a mandated debit order that is authorized by your customer using the simple yet efficient DebiCheck platform. This simple solution helps ensure that collections are done on time and payments are scheduled and agreed upon by both the merchant and the customer. Transaction types within DebiCheck:
TT1: DebiCheck TT1 is a channel where a consumer is requested to authenticate a mandate for processing to their account through either:

  • Real-time authentication – within 120 seconds from the creation of the mandate.
  • Delayed authentication – the transaction needs to be authenticated before the bank cut off on the same night at 20h00.

This is usually done without interacting with the consumer, and no card or terminal is used.

TT2: DebiCheck TT2 is the process of authenticating a consumer as well as the process of requesting and authenticating a mandate in real time. The merchant processes the real-time requests in batches. The requests are compiled as a batch and delivered as a single file.
This is usually done without interacting with the consumer, and no card or terminal is used.

TT3: DebiCheck TT3 is a method of authenticating the consumer and mandate using a card and a PIN. This is typically done in person, and the merchant will use a terminal to process the debit order. This procedure is carried out in real time.

By using Delter and DebiCheck as an integrated solution, you can now offer simple credit and loan solutions without having to chase down debts and ensure timely payments and collections.
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