Johan Roos, Senior Manager, Business Development.

The South African FinTech space is constantly evolving and companies that want to thrive need to keep their finger on the pulse of what the market needs, and how they can offer solutions that meet these needs to customers.

The Altron FinTech Sales team have restructured to cater to the ever-changing needs of the market, as well as offering solutions that solve business challenges.

This has provided the sales team with an opportunity to diversify into previously untapped markets. One of the key areas identified was providing payment solutions to the healthcare industry. The decision was made to create a team of specialists that will look after this market segment exclusively.

We sat down with the leader of this team, Johan Roos, Senior Manager – Business Development to provide us with more insight into what they do and their dreams for the future.

He kicks off our chat by mentioning that a dedicated team was formed, and a team of highly skilled complex solutions sales consultants were handpicked for this initiative. Pulsing him on how he sees their purpose, he responds by saying that they want to tackle the healthcare space in totality. This dynamic team wants to be the undisputed leader in the market when it comes to the financial solutions needed by medical professionals, whether it be payment, hardware, or software related.

Nate Johnson, Sales Consultant.

Johan continues our discussion by saying that the healthcare industry is a very competitive market which means that service providers need to distinguish themselves by offering products and solutions that are not only superior in quality but also competitively priced. The healthcare solutions team is currently busy with the development of solutions that have the potential to revolutionise this market. Watch this space to see what they are planning!

We conclude our discussion by asking Johan about his vision for the team and how he sees their future for the next couple of years. He responds by saying: “It’s quite simple - we want to own the healthcare space where financial solutions are concerned. We want to become the ultimate “ONE STOP SHOP” in what we can offer our customer base in terms of the level of products, solutions and customer service. Ultimately, we want to leave a legacy that the Altron FinTech Division can be proud of for this market segment.”

We look forward to seeing how this team will be providing just the right medicine for the healthcare industry.

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